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World Market

We welcome both U.S. and international distributors since we have the most competitive products demestically and worldwide. Unlike having just U.S. banks’ issued Prepaid Debit Cards that can only be issued to U.S. resident per the requirement of the Patriot’s Act, our International Prepaid Debit Cards that can be issued to just about anyone in the world without requiring credit, banking and employment history. Since the card is prepaid, everyone can qualify with just an official identification and a verifiable address.

Focus - International Prepaid Debit Cards

There are many competitors in the U.S. Prepaid Debit Card market. However, there is little or no competition internationally. Therefore, our strategy is to focus on the International Prepaid Debit Card market, which is virtually untapped and enormous since more than 5 billion of the 7 billion people in the world are “un-banked.”

Consumers desire these cards for:
  • The security of their funds
  • convenience of ATM cash withdrawals and purchases at merchant locations
  • Online purchases, bill payment and telephone purchases.
  • Ability to do Card-to-Card transfer of funds to the cards of the friends and loved ones
The cards are just like any regular bank debit card except:
  • They are safer because no checks can be written on the card accounts.
  • They are safer because all card transaction are checked against the cardholder database for balances and security.
  • Card-to-card funds transfer can be made between any two cardholders of the same card type.
Because the cards can be issued to non-U.S. residents with or without credit, several very significant advantages of International Prepaid Debit Cards over U.S. banks’ issued prepaid and normal debit cards emerge:
  1. Wider distribution and uses - The International Debit Card is a great product that can benefit people worldwide. The applications include as a General Purpose Spending Card, a Payroll/ Payout Card, a Travel Card, a Funds Transfer & Remittance Card, a Student Card and a Gift Card.
  2. International Payroll - For companies with international employees and sales affiliates, paying with International Prepaid Debit Card is less costly than paying with checks and cash. Productivity and employee loyalty are further enhanced when employees are not concerned about getting their checks cashed,
  3. Money Transfer - The most efficient & low cost way of remitting money to friends and relatives is Card-to-Card Transfer from one International Debit Card to the card of a second cardholder located anywhere. It is a low cost (less than $2.00) person-to-person transfer rather than a location-to-location transfer, and it is instantaneous using the phone or through the Web at any time 7 days a week.
We now have distributors in the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbeans and Africa. Since 2003, as Card Program Manager, we have partnered with 20+ banks around the world in issuing hundreds of thousands of cards.

Our distributors are organizations such as direct marketing (such as MLM) groups, affiliated groups (such as travel clubs, purchase clubs and student organizations, etc.) and financial service providers (such as banks, credit unions and remmitance companies).

The financial incentives of doing business for our distributors include:
  • Upfront commissions from the sales of the cards
  • More importantly, from the cumulative monthly residuals from card account maintenance fees and cardholder usage fees such as ATM withdrawal charges and Point of Sale fees for purchases.”
Procedures of Getting Started As A Distributor

As a Program manager and wholesale marketer of prepaid debit cards, we are primarily interested in distributors capable of starting with medium to high volume and can market more than 500 cards to start and more than 2,000 cards per year. We are also required to provide the banks information about our distributors,

To contact us or for further business discussion, please fill out the form at this Contact Page or call our Public Relations Office at: (858) 877-0000.


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